On 25

When I was little, I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up. I loved to swim (I was good at it, too) and I thought dolphins were pretty cool, so it made sense. (more…)

30(ish) Days of Writing: Day 11

If a word for someone even less active than a slacktivist existed, I would use it to describe myself. I believe that social media can be a great tool for creating productive conversations (I was glad to see some of this earlier this week around racial issues at Mizzou, though I realize that not everyone’s feed was full thoughtful dialogue), and an extremely powerful media outlet (I get probably 95% of my news from links shared on Facebook or Twitter). (more…)

30(ish) Days Of Writing: Day 10

You are waking up, and Sarah is in the kitchen—your kitchen—having a staring contest with a recipe for chicken piccata. The blonde woman on Good Morning America recommended it as an easy weeknight dinner to make for the family, and Sarah is trying. (more…)