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As someone who ends her day with at least fifteen tabs open on her browser, I understand the value of concise, thoughtful, engaging, and unbiased writing. 


Women Share Humorous Love Letters To Themselves For V-Day Comedy Special, for The Chicagoist

Q&A with Kris Swanberg, Writer & Director of “Unexpected”, for The Riveter Magazine

Contributor – Books Features for Bustle

7 Signs It’s Time To Break Up With Your Job, for HelloGiggles

All the reasons why high school friends are the best, for HelloGiggles

What’s Next for Chicago’s Remaining SROs? for Gapers Block

State Street Resurfacing to be Completed in Time for the Marathon, for Gapers Block

Board of Education President to Benefit from Proposed South Side Charter School, for Gapers Block

Proposed SRO Ordinance to Offer Incentives and Assistance to Building Owners, Preserve 700 Units by 2018, for Gapers Block

Commentary: The time is now, and the place is the Midwest, for Midwest Energy News (co-writer)

Catfishing: What my failed catfish project taught me about life, love and online dating, for MPLSzine

Llamas on Lake Street and Other Minneapolis Mysteries, for MPLSzine

Book Reviews

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan, for The Rumpus

Fourteen Stories, None of Them are Yours by Luke B. Goebel, for The Rumpus

Blogging experience:


KOVAL Distillery

Cheers To: Horween Leather Company

Cheers To: Richard Wright, Wright Auction House

Cheers To: Russ Maki, Graphic Conservation Co.

Minnesota Public Radio, Classical

Four courses of classical: music to dine by

Where can students buy discount classical music tickets in the Twin Cities?

Guitar Passions: Sharon Isbin and Friends to Play Dakota Jazz Club

Energy Foundry

The Energy Tech Revolution: Introduction

The Energy Tech Revolution: Universities & Research Labs

The Loft Literary Center

Everything You’ve Ever Wondered about the Mentor Series Program: An Interview with Jerod Santek, Former Program Director at the Loft

Announcing the 2014-2015 Mentor Series

Interview with Molly Beth Griffin + Jim Heynen

-Lost in Translation: Pitfall Predictions for Big Screen Adaptations

–Reading Your Work in Public

Capsule Design

Designing the Conversation

Can You Design a Hug?

-Inspired by 30 Days of Biking: Beautiful Bicycle Designs